"Asking for Money" tipsheet
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Social Media Tips:
  • Email, post or tweet a link to your Fundraising Page
  • Use the Share Tool on your Fundraising Page....sharing right onto your Friends' Walls is effective!
  • Thank your donators with a post on social media...don't forget to "tag" them, and a pic is always nice, too!

Fundraising Tips:
  • Set a pledge goal.
  • Just ask.  Most people will give something to help animals in need.  Even if they say no, you raised awareness!
  • Raise money online - Participate!
    • A Fundraising Web Page will be created for you that you can personalize with photos and a message!
    • From your Web page you can email family and friends so they can make online donations in your support!
    • Create a link to your Web page from Facebook, Twitter,  and other media to generate even more support.
    • Create a fun YouTube or FACEBOOK LIVE video!
    • You can also track your progress and see who has made a pledge online.
  • Print a Pledge Collection Form and use it to collect offline pledges. Offline pledges can be taken online by either:
    • Make a donation to your page using your own credit card and use cash to pay off.
    • Taking it to the pro shop to have it entered onto your Fundraising Pa
  • Check to see if your company offers a matching gifts program to double your contribution!
  • Let everyone know WHERE THE MONEY GOES!

Useful Personal Appeals:
  • This is how your money will help an animal in need:
    • $20 buys one course of antibiotics for one cat with a medical condition
    • $25 buys formula for an orphaned puppy or kitten
    • $40 spay / neuter a cat
    • $50 feeds all shelter cats for 2 weeks
    • $80 spay / neuter a dog
    • $100 cares for a puppy from intake to adoption
    • $250 covers initial medical costs for an injured cat/dog
    • $500 treats a small dog for heartworm
  • Please help me reach my goal:
    • "Just $50 in pledges and I get an official B4AR t-shirt!" (just $25 if you are bowling in the event)
    • "Help me get $300 in pledges so I can be a VIB at the Bowling event!
    • "I only need $25 in pledges this week to be eligible for a special prize"
    • "I am bowling in the event, too so please help me be the Highest (Bowling) Fundraiser so I can win a new BOWLING BALL w/Lesson and BOWLING FUNDAMENTALS book!"
    • "I am bowling in this event, please Sponsor Me, pledging xxx per pin knocked down"
    • "Help me win one of the grand prizes as one of the highest fundraisers for Bowl-4-Animal Rescue!" (See prizes)
If you need help, please email info@bowl4animalrescue.org

More Successful Fundraising Ideas:
Past participants have found all kinds of creative ideas to raise money, like:
  • Buying a $$$ Gas Card and raffling it off to friends and/or co-workers! (Winner had donated it back!) Raised $1000!
  • Donating a MasterCard to raffle off at the Bowling event!
  • Ask to be Sponsored!
    Whether you are bowling the event or bowl off location, tell people you are bowling to help animals in need! Ask for a dime, quarter, 50 cents or a dollar per per scored pins knocked down! i.e. shoot 600 for 3 games, receive 10 cents per pin scored and you just raised $60 bucks (and that's just from 1 person!)
    Remember: Registered Bowlers and High School/Collegiate Bowlers have until August 31st to win special prize incentives: including a New Bowling Ball / Private Lessons!!!)
  • Save or Collect SPARE CHANGE!
  • Put a box out at work to collect refundable bottles and cans (don't forget a poster about your cause!) 
  • Having a bake sale or sell handmade jewelry!
  • Have (or participate in) a garage sale, ask if you can distribute flyers and have 10% or more benefit B4AR!
  • Ask that your birthday or holiday presents be a donation.
  • Make, or ask for, a donation "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of"...

Raise $200 in 10 Days:
Put in your own $20 (Register now) ................. $20
+ Ask your spouse/partner/roommate for $20 .. $40
+ Ask 4 co-workers for $10 .............................. $80
+ Ask 4 friends for $10 ..................................... $120
+ Ask 2 relatives for $20 ................................... $160
+ Ask 2 neighbors for $10 ................................ $180
+ Ask your boss for $20 ................................... = $200

Let everyone know

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